YAMAMOTO JohtaroInvited Professor

Laboratory of Molecular Cell Dynamics
Research Theme
Development of new fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
Research Keywords

Biophysics, Optics, Cell dynamics

Overview of Research

Various biomolecules always diffuse and be transported in living cells, and the motion is important for biomolecules to function correctly. Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy is one of the measurement methods for molecular motion. I have been developing the advanced methods of FCS.

・Multipoint holographic FCS (MP-hFCS)
We developed the MP-hFCS, which can simultaneously perform FCS measurement on multipoint, by introducing holography technique to FCS. A weak point of FCS that measurement point of FCS is generally limited to one was overcame.

・Polarization-dependent FCS (Pol-FCS)
Pol-FCS can simultaneously measure translational and rotational diffusion. We firstly succeeded in Pol-FCS measurement inside cells. Now we are applying Pol-FCS to some biological issue including macro molecular crowding.

・Full fiber-optic FCS (FF-FCS)
Conventional FCS system has high sensitivity and accuracy. However, it is generally big and expensive and needs dark room. Conventional FCS system therefore have not been used widely. We developed a small, cheap, and easy FF-FCS system by replacing all optics of FCS to fiber optics. We demonstrated that the FF-FCS can measure appropriate samples, though FF-FCS is not so high sensitive as conventional FCS. Now we are improving the FF-FCS.


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Let’s develop new system for biophysical measurement!