YASUDA KazunoriVisiting Professor

Laboratory of Soft & Wet Matter
Research Theme
Investigation on molecular mechanisms of effects of functional polymer gels on cells and tissues and its application to medical treatments
Research Keywords

Soft matter, Polymer gel, biomaterials, artificial cartilage, artificial tendon and ligament, cartilage regeneration, ligament regeneration, signal transduction, material genomics, regenerative medicine.

Overview of Research

  1. Development of novel surgical treatments for osteoarthritis of various joints using the principle of artificial cartilage and meniscus, which was originally developed using multi-functional double-network gels,
  2. Development of ex vivo methods to control differentiation of various cells using multi-functional double-network gels, and elucidation of its molecular mechanism.
  3. Application of these ex vivo methods to development of novel therapeutic methods (e.g. an induction method with PAMPS/PDMAAm DN gel for spontaneous articular cartilage regeneration).
  4. Creation of a new scientific field, material genomics, which clarifies the molecular mechanisms of various life phenomena using soft matter.


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Currently, Hokkaido University is establishing the core station for soft matter research and education in Global Institution for Collaborative Research and Education (GI-CoRE), which is supported by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan. In GI-CoRE, an international collaborative research team composed of outstanding scientists, who are specialists of chemistry, physics, biology, or medicine, will develop a novel research system where various cutting-edge investigations are conducted in combination with creation of novel soft matter, elucidation of the principle of the soft matter, and its medical application. I hope that many students will get the special knowledge and invaluable experience, which cannot be obtained in the others, by learning in such a splendid educational environment.