KODA ToshiakiSpecially Appointed Professor

Laboratory of Embryonic and Genetic Engineering
Research Theme
Development of the therapeutic method for genetic diseases through examination of model mice.
Research Keywords

Transgenic mouse, knockout mouse, embryonic stem cells, disease model, triplet repeat disease, CRISPR/Cas9

Overview of Research

Improvement of genetic engineering
To improve methods for genetic modification of mice, we are establishing new embryonic stem cells and vector systems including CRISPR/Cas9.

Development of therapy for genetic diseases
We are examining therapeutic methods for diseases caused by genetic changes. Especially, we are interested in the instability of triplet repeats. Our approach is to investigate repeat instability in transgenic model mice.



We try to develop novel methods for therapy against intractable diseases.

Representative Publications

Shigeko Kijimoto-Ochiai, Keiko Kamimura, Toshiaki Koda, Neu-medullocytes, sialidase-positive B cells in the thymus, express autoimmune regulator (AIRE)., Sci. Rep. 9(1): 858 (2019)

Kan Yaguchi, Takahiro Yamamoto, Ryo Matsui, Yuki Tsukada, Atsuko Shibanuma, Keiko Kamimura, Toshiaki Koda, Ryota Uehara, Uncoordinated centrosome cycle underlies the instability of non-diploid somatic cells in mammals., J. Cell Biol. 217(7): 2463-2483 (2018)

Shigeko Kijimoto-Ochiai, Tokuko Matsumoto-Mizuno, Daisuke Kamimura, Masaaki Murakami, Miwako Kobayashi, Ichiro Matsuoka, Hiroshi Ochiai, Hideharu Ishida, Makoto Kiso, Keiko Kamimura, Toshiaki Koda, Existence of NEU1 sialidase on mouse thymocytes whose natural substrate is CD5., Glycobiology 28, 306-317 (2018)

Solomon T. Gizaw, Toshiaki Koda, Maho Amano, Keiko Kamimura, Tetsu Ohashi, Hiroshi Hinou, Shin-Ichiro Nishimura, A comprehensive glycome profiling of Huntington’s disease transgenic mice., Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1850(9): 1704-1718 (2015)



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