TSUNODA KatsuhikoVisiting Professor

Laboratory of Transformational Soft Matter
Research Theme
Innovative toughening of poly-isoprene rubber through fundamental understanding of strain induced crystallization kinetics
Research Keywords

Polymer、Rubber、Fracture Mechanics、Strain induced crystallization

Overview of Research

Natural rubber (NR, cis 1.4. polyisoprene) accounts for more than 50% of the world’s total rubber consumption. With considering recent importance of sustainability, the importance of NR is expected to increase further in the future. One of the most important feature is strain induced crystallization (SIC) and accompanying strengthening effect. Though wide variety of research for SIC kinetics of NR has been carried out, the essential understanding has not yet been established. Aiming to fundermental understanding of SIC kinetics of NR and its innovative strenghening, comprehensive approach from the viewpoints of polymer synthesis science, polymer physics (especially fracture mechanics), crystallography, and molecular dynamics are carring out.


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Polymer science looks classical field, but there are still many unknowns. I hope that you are interested in the world of polymer science.

Representative Publications

Effect of material variables on the tear behavior of a non-crystallizing elastomer, K. Tsunoda, J.J.C. Busfield, C.K.L. Davies, A.G. Thomas
Journal of Material Science, Vol. 35 P5187-5198, 2000

Development of innolvative tough rubber composite throu ImPACT research program, K. Tsunoda, Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi, Vol.92/2019, September, P325-331

Transition of Rupture Mode of Strain Crystallizing Elastomers in Tensile Edge-Crack Test, K. Tsunoda, K. Urayama, Soft Matter, 19, 1966-1976 (2023)