Reports of graduates 1

Investigating production management and new technologies at a large-scale chemical plant. Developing a lot being surrounded by seniors!



Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation 

 She works at a chemical plant at 24-hour operations that produces materials for daily necessities. Higuchi-san, a factory worker, investigates production management and new technologies. Veterans who are about the same age as her father sometimes say to her with a tone of concern, “Don’t stay too late.”


By knowing the function of protein molecules, Revealing the mysteries of life phenomenon.

 She conducted a study on “Structural analysis of a membrane protein halorhodopsin by solid-state NMR ” in the Laboratory of Biological Information Analysis Science. A study with mechanism “the function of protein molecules” is a new research field that reveals the mysteries of life phenomenon. “I found rewarding because the research field is the center of attention, and I could also polish my communication skills in the laboratory.”