Reports of graduates 3

Design and manufacturing to develop technologies for exploring healthy materials and extracting components from tea and coffee.


Junichiro KAWAI
Kirin Company, Limited 

 ”Materials for Kirin Mets Cola were developed in the division that I currently belong to”, Kawai-san holds his chest out. He is working on developing a scaling-up strategy from lab scale production to factory production scale in the company producing that is his favorite products such as “Gogo no Kocha (Afternoon Tea)”.


Hoping research findings leading to regenerative medicine in humans. Focusing on the regenerative function of lizards.

 He conducted a study on establishment of gene-recombination technology in amphibian in the Tissue and Polymer Sciences Laboratory. Injection of a gene encoding a green fluorescent protein into newt eggs leads to birth of newts with green fluorescence throughout the body if gene-recombination is successfully achieved. “I was so impressed to see a newt with fluorescence after above a thousand trials!”