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The Division of Soft Matter offers both a Master’s and Doctoral course that provide systematic education on basic knowledge related to scientific research of soft matter (physics, chemistry, biology) and its applied sciences (material science, life molecular science, biophysics, medicinal chemistry, and functional science) for students who lead researches and development of soft matter globally.

Soft matter is a general term for soft substances such as polymers, gels, biological materials, etc. Soft matter has many interesting behaviors and functions that so-called hard matter, such as metals and ceramics, do not have. Interesting behaviors arise from soft matter in ways that cannot be predicted or are difficult to predict, directly from its atomic or molecular constituents. This is often because soft matter self-organizes into mesoscopic structures that are much larger than the microscopic scale, and yet are much smaller than the macroscopic scale of the substance. The properties and interactions of these mesoscopic structures may determine the macroscopic behavior of the substance.


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