Laboratory of Cell Dynamics

Cells, the Final Frontier in Science
Research Theme
Collective cell migration in 3D morphogenesis Cancer metastasis Structures and physical properties of polymeric materials and connective tissues
Research Keywords

Cell Mechanics, Collective Cell Behavior, 3D Morphogenesis, Cancer Invasion, Atomic Force Microscopy


Overview of Research and Education

Research Contents: We are interested in the behaviors of cells and tissues, especially collective cell migration, 3D morphogenesis, and tissue construction. To understand these phenomena, we utilize soft biomaterials (e.g. collagen gels, Matrigels) for cell culture to mimic biological environments and analyze the behaviors with approaches of both molecular biology and mechanobiology. Furthermore, we are using extracellular matrices of different stiffness and investigating the mechanism of cancer progression induced by substrate stiffening. We are able to contribute to improve regenerative medicine and cancer therapy with our research approaches.

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N10, W8, Kita-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
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Representative Publications

Komatsu Y, Shimizu Y, Yamano M, Kikuchi M, Nakamura K, Ayabe T, Aizawa T., Disease Progression-Associated Alterations in Fecal Metabolites in SAMP1/YitFc Mice, a Crohn’s Disease Model., Metabolomics, 16, 48 (2020)

Sénéchal H, Šantrůček J, Melčová M, Svoboda P, Zídková J, Charpin D, Guilloux L, Shahali Y, Selva MA, Couderc R, Aizawa T, Poncet P., A new allergen family involved in pollen food-associated syndrome: Snakin/gibberellin-regulated proteins., J Allergy Clin Immunol, 141, 411-414 (2018)

Penkhrue W, Sujarit K, Kudo T, Ohkuma M, Masaki K, Aizawa T, Pathom-Aree W, Khanongnuch C, Lumyong S., Amycolatopsis oliviviridis sp. nov., a novel polylactic acid-bioplastic-degrading actinomycete isolated from paddy soil., Int J Syst Evol Microbiol, 68, 1448-1454 (2018)

Hayase E, Hashimoto D, Nakamura K, Noizat C, Ogasawara R, Takahashi S, Ohigashi H, Yokoi Y, Sugimoto R, Matsuoka S, Ara T, Yokoyama E, Yamakawa T, Ebata K, Kondo T, Hiramine R, Aizawa T, Ogura Y, Hayashi T, Mori H, Kurokawa K, Tomizuka K, Ayabe T, Teshima T., R-Spondin1 expands Paneth cells and prevents dysbiosis induced by graft-versus-host disease., J Exp Med, 214, 3507-3518 (2017)

Baek M, Kamiya M, Kushibiki T, Nakazumi T, Tomisawa S,, Abe C, Kumaki Y, Kikukawa T, Demura M, Kawano K, Aizawa T, Lipopolysaccharide-bound structure of the antimicrobial peptide cecropin P1 determined by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy., J. Peptide Sci, 22, 214-21 (2016)

Ishida H, Nguyen LT, Gopal R, Aizawa T, Vogel HJ, Overexpression of Antimicrobial, Anticancer, Transmembrane Peptides in Escherichia coli through a Calmodulin-Peptide Fusion System., J Am Chem Soc, 138, 11318-26 (2016)