NISHIGAMI YukinoriAssistant Professor

Laboratory of Physical Ethology
Research Theme
Mechanisms of behavior of protists
Research Keywords

Protists, Amoeba, Ciliates, Cellular locomotion, Behavior, Cilia, Actin, Myosin, Imaging

Overview of Research

Analysis of the genomic information exhibited that animals, plants, and fungi are a tiny part of the diversity of eukaryote and almost diversity of eukaryote is composed of protists. The behavior of protists affects to the environment. To understand the earth’s environment, it’s necessary to elucidate the mechanisms of behavior of protists. Then I intend to clarify the mechanisms of various types of behavior of protists.



Protists are unique microorganism and fluently defy our conventional wisdom. For example, some kind of protists crawls on a wall using leg-like-structure without any nerve system. If you are interested in this strange phenomena, I welcome you, who have any academic backgrounds.

Representative Publications

“Influence of cellular shape on sliding behavior of ciliates” Yukinori Nishigami†, Takuya Ohmura†, Atsushi Taniguchi, Shigenori Nonaka, Junichi Manabe, Takuji Ishikawa, Masatoshi Ichikawa (†equally contributed) Commun. Integr. Biol., 11, e1506666 (2018)

“Simple mechanosense and response of ciliate motion reveal the intrinsic habits of ciliates” Takuya Ohmura†, Yukinori Nishigami†, Atsushi Taniguchi, Shigenori Nonaka, Junichi Manabe, Takuji Ishikawa, Masatoshi Ichikawa (†equally contributed) Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 115, 3231 (2018)

“The neck deformation of Lacrymaria olar depending upon cell states” Ryuji Yanase†, Yukinori Nishigami†, Masatoshi Ichikawa, Tohru Yoshihisa, Seiji Sonobe (†equally contributed) J. Protistology, 51, 1 (2018)

“Non-periodic oscillatory deformation of an actomyosin microdroplet encapsulated within a lipid interface” Yukinori Nishigami†, Hiroaki Ito†, Seiji Sonobe, and Masatoshi Ichikawa (†equally contributed) Sci. Rep., 6, 18964 (2016)

“Wrinkling of a spherical lipid interface induced by actomyosin cortex” Hiroaki Ito†, Yukinori Nishigami,† Seiji Sonobe, and Masatoshi Ichikawa (†equally contributed) Phys. Rev. E, 92, 062711 (2015)



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