ONODERA TomohiroLecturer

Laboratory of Reconstructive Surgery and Rehabilitation Medicine
Research Theme
To elucidate the mechanism of cartilage metabolism and tissue regeneration leading to clinical application.
Research Keywords

Orthopaedic Surgery, Joint Surgery, Regenerative Medicine, Musculoskeletal System, Animal Model, Scaffold, Cartilage, Bone, Meniscus, Biomaterials, Soft Matter, Clinical Application, Translational Research

Overview of Research

Our laboratory aims to develop bioactive soft-matter materials as a scaffold for undifferentiated progenitor cells for the purpose of fast implementation in clinical application. By carrying out animal experiments and clinical research, which is a position as a translational research, clinical practical application of the materials will be realized.



Our laboratory aims to move our approaches all the way from basic research to a clinical application and back to the laboratory for further improvement.

Representative Publications

Onodera T, Baba R, Kasahara Y, Tsuda T, Iwasaki N., Therapeutic effects and adaptive limits of an acellular technique by ultrapurified alginate (UPAL) gel implantation in canine osteochondral defect models. Regen Ther. 2020/02

Hontani K, Onodera T, Terashima M, Momma D, Matsuoka M, Baba R, Joutoku Z, Matsubara S, Homan K, Hishimura R, Xu L, Iwasaki N, Chondrogenic differentiation of mouse induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) using the three-dimensional culture with ultra-purified alginate gel (UPAL gel)., Journal of biomedical materials research. Part A 2019/01

Hishimura R, Onodera T, Hontani K, Baba R, Homan K, Matsubara S, Joutoku Z, Kim W, Nonoyama T, Kurokawa T, Gong JP, Iwasaki N., Osteochondral Autograft Transplantation Technique Augmented by an Ultrapurified Alginate Gel Enhances Osteochondral Repair in a Rabbit Model., The American journal of sports medicine. 363546518817527 2019/01

Kim W, Onodera T, Kondo E, Kawaguchi Y, Terkawi MA, Baba R, Hontani K, Joutoku Z, Matsubara S, Homan K, Hishimura R, Iwasaki N, Effects of Ultra-Purified Alginate Gel Implantation on Meniscal Defects in Rabbits., The American journal of sports medicine 363546518816690 2018/12

Momma D, Onodera T, Homan K, Matsubara S, Sasazawa F, Furukawa J, Matsuoka M, Yamashita T, Iwasaki N., Coordinated existence of multiple gangliosides is required for cartilage metabolism., Osteoarthritis Cartilage 2018/11

Baba R, Onodera T, Matsuoka M, Hontani K, Joutoku Z, Matsubara S, Homan K, Iwasaki N, Bone Marrow Stimulation Technique Augmented by an Ultrapurified Alginate Gel Enhances Cartilage Repair in a Canine Model., The American journal of sports medicine 46(8) 1970-1979 2018/07



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