Report on Skill Development Support: Experience as a Source of Inspiration for My Research Life(Mr. Ryo Akashi)

The Faculty of Advanced Life Science and the Graduate School of Life Science offer “Skill Development Support” to their graduate students.

The program is for students in the Division of Life Science (Transdisciplinary Life Science Course) or the Division of Soft Matter. Students in the “MC-DC combined program to shorten course study” and outstanding students who wish to advance to the doctoral program are eligible for this program. The program aims to improve students’ research skills by providing support for activities such as participation in academic conferences.

Mr. Ryo Akashi (MC2, Transdisciplinary Life Science Course, at that time) participated in the Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Mathematical Biology held in Nara in September 2023.

Mr. Ryo Akashi

Report (in Japanese):  Mathematical Biology and the Deer of Nara