Admission Information

Applicants must contact their prospective supervisor in advance and obtain his/her acceptance. First, check the laboratory list to determine which lab is the best fit for you. Then, directly contact the director of the laboratory or contact the office of “International Graduate Program (IGP).”

English degree program of Graduate School of Life Science (IGP)

Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship: IGP Special Quota

Admission Information of Graduate School of Life Science

Scholarship Information (Hokkaido University Website)


Online Admission Information Session

This session will be primarily in Japanese, but an introduction video in English is available online. Please check the video, then apply for the personal interview if you have a question.

Introduction Video (Youtube)

– March 18 (Sat.), 2023
– June 10 (Sat.), 2023
– November 4 (Sat.), 2023
– March 16 (Sat.), 2024

※Please check Event page for detailed information.

Program outline
– Education system of the Graduate School of Life Science
– Education system of the Transdisciplinary Life Science Course / Division of Soft Matter
– General information of the Admission Examination
– Introduction of each laboratory
– Q&A