5th International Life-Science Symposium

Dear everyone,

We are pleased to announce the 5th International Life-Science Symposium (5th ILSS) being held on October 28th, 2017 at Conference Hall of Hokkaido University.

ILSS is a symposium organized by doctoral course students from the International Graduate Program (IGP), part of Graduate School of Life Science, Hokkaido University.

In this fiscal year, you have the chance to attend a presentation by Prof. Shinya Fushinobu from the University of Tokyo. He will give a general talk about science and insight into his remarkable work in the field of protein chemistry on structure and function of enzymes. Further, this symposium should give young researchers the opportunity to actively participate through oral or poster presentations and communicate with other young researchers regardless of
nationality and subject area here at Hokudai.

In this year’s symposium, we’ll give awards for excellent oral presentations in order to value the research progress of young researchers and encourage them to keep trying in the future.

We hope this symposium assists you in achieving your scientific goals and contributes to a viable international society.

Details of the symposium are following:


-Date: October 28th (Sat), 2017

-Place: Conference Hall, Hokkaido University

-Banquet: Chuo Cafeteria

-Presentation style:Oral/Poster presentation

-Registration:online (https://goo.gl/P4uazw)

-Deadlines:Sep. 25th (Mon), 2017 (for oral/poster presentation)

Oct. 10th (Tue), 2017 (for abstract submission)

Oct. 16th (Mon), 2017 (for participation)

-Symposium fee: Free

– Reception party fee: Regular 3,000 yen, Student 1,000 yen



The reception party includes introduction of new IGP program students and the awards ceremony for excellent oral presentations.

We are looking forward to your attendance and an exciting day.


Martin Frauenlob
The chairperson of 5th IGP-ILSS

Email: igpilss5th[at]gmail.com