UEHARA RyotaAssociate Professor

Laboratory of Cellular Machinery Science
Research Theme
The mechanisms of CELL DIVISION, a fundamental phenomena of life.
Research Keywords

ploidy, cell division


Representative Publications

Kan Yaguchi, Kimino Sato, Koya Yoshizawa, Daisuke Mikami, Kohei Yuyama, Yasuyuki Igarashi, Gabor Banhegyi, Eva Margittai, and Ryota Uehara*
Mevalonate pathway-mediated ER homeostasis is required for haploid stability in human somatic cells
Cell Structure and Function (2021) 46:1-9

Koya Yoshizawa, Kan Yaguchi, and Ryota Uehara* (*corresponding author)
Uncoupling of DNA replication and centrosome duplication cycles is a primary cause of haploid instability in mammalian somatic cells
Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology (2020) 8:721

Mafy, N., Matsuo, K., Hiruma, S., Uehara, R. *, and Tamaoki, N. *, Photoswitchable CENP-E Inhibitor Enabling the Dynamic Control of Chromosome Movement and Mitotic Progression, Journal of American Chemical Society. (2020) 142:1763-1767

Yaguchi, K.#, Yamamoto, T.#, Shimada, M.#, Sugimoto, R.#, Nakamura, K., Ayabe, T., and Uehara, R.*, Ploidy-dependent change in cyclin D2 expression and sensitization to cdk4/6 inhibition in human somatic haploid cells, Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications (2018)

Yaguchi, K., Yamamoto, T.#, Matsui, R.#, Tsukada, Y., Shibanuma, A., Kamimura, K., Koda, T., and Uehara, R.*, Uncoordinated centrosome cycle underlies the instability of non-diploid somatic cells in mammals, Journal of Cell Biology (2018) 217: 2463-2483

(*corresponding author; #equally contributed)




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