UEHARA RyotaAssociate Professor

Laboratory of Cellular Machinery Science
Research Theme
The mechanisms of CELL DIVISION, a fundamental phenomena of life.
Research Keywords

Cell division, ploidy dynamics, chromosome abnormality, cytoskeleton, cancer, microscope, photocontrol, cell culture, zebrafish

Overview of Research

Research Contents: Precisely controlled cell division is an essential process of heredity, development, and homeostasis. However, it is not known how a cell equally distributes its contents, or what are the principles of cell fate alterations after cell division failure. Using cutting-edge microscopes and cellular biological techniques, we are trying to elucidate the structure and function of cellular machinery that govern elaborate regulation of cell division and to understand biological consequence of disregulated cell divisions.


Representative Publications

Takahiro Yamamoto and Ryota Uehara*
Cell shape instability during cytokinesis in tetraploid HCT116 cells
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications (2023)

Koya Yoshizawa, Akira Matsura, Masaya Shimada, Sumire Ishida-Ishihara, Fuyu Sato, Takahiro Yamamoto, Kan Yaguchi, Eiji Kawamoto, Taruho Kuroda, Kazuya Matsuo, Nobuyuki Tamaoki, Ryuichi Sakai, Yasuhito Shimada, Mithilesh Mishra, and Ryota Uehara*
Tetraploidy-linked sensitization to CENP-E inhibition in human cells
Molecular Oncology (2023)

Guang Yang, Shota Hiruma, Akira Kitamura, Masataka Kinjo, Mithilesh Mishra, and Ryota Uehara
Molecular basis of functional exchangeability between ezrin and other actin-membrane associated proteins during cytokinesis
Experimental Cell Research (2021) 403(2):112600

Kan Yaguchi, Kimino Sato, Koya Yoshizawa, Daisuke Mikami, Kohei Yuyama, Yasuyuki Igarashi, Gabor Banhegyi, Eva Margittai, and Ryota Uehara*
Mevalonate pathway-mediated ER homeostasis is required for haploid stability in human somatic cells
Cell Structure and Function (2021) 46:1-9

Koya Yoshizawa, Kan Yaguchi, and Ryota Uehara* (*corresponding author)
Uncoupling of DNA replication and centrosome duplication cycles is a primary cause of haploid instability in mammalian somatic cells
Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology (2020) 8:721

Mafy, N., Matsuo, K., Hiruma, S., Uehara, R. *, and Tamaoki, N. *, Photoswitchable CENP-E Inhibitor Enabling the Dynamic Control of Chromosome Movement and Mitotic Progression, Journal of American Chemical Society. (2020) 142:1763-1767

Yaguchi, K., Yamamoto, T.#, Matsui, R.#, Tsukada, Y., Shibanuma, A., Kamimura, K., Koda, T., and Uehara, R.*, Uncoordinated centrosome cycle underlies the instability of non-diploid somatic cells in mammals, Journal of Cell Biology (2018) 217: 2463-2483

(*corresponding author; #equally contributed)



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