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    Lucca, Italy
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    SMS2 is implicated as a novel regulator of lipid microdomain structure and function
    Mitsutake S., Zama K., Yoshida T., Takemoto H., Okazaki T & Igarashi Y.
  2. July 2012
    San Sebastian, Spain
    Increasing the Impact of Glycoscience through New Tools and Technologies
    Toward Fully Automated Glycomics by Glycoblotting Method
    Nishimura S-I.
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    Madrid, Spain
    26th International Carbohydrate Symposium (ICS2012)
    Glycomics and Drug Discovery
    Nishimura S-I.
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    Andover, USA
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    Characterization of a receptor for glycosaminoglycans that mediate experimental lung metastasis.
    Sugahara K.
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    Andover, USA
    Eisai Research Institute of Boston
    Mechanisms of carbohydrate-mediated cell-cell interaction in cancer metastasis.
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    VigoniVilla, Italy
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    GAG signals involved in pulmonary metastasis of tumor cells
    Sugahara K.
  7. September, 2012
    Varese, Italy
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    Garcia-Martin Fayna, Matsushita T., Hinou H., Nishimura S-I.
  2. July 19th, 2012
    San Sebastian, Spain.
    International Glycomics Symposium –Increasing the Impact of Glycoscience through New Tools and Technologies-
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    Hiroshi Hinou, Yuya abe, and Shin-Ichiro Nishimura
  3. June, 2012
    Fort Worth, USA
    24th International Conference on Chirality
    The VCD Exciton Chirality Method
    Taniguchi T., Manai D., Monde K.


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    糖鎖生物学による癌の肺転移の分子メカニズムの解明 –抗癌剤開発に向けての洞察–
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    O- 結合型糖アミノ酸
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