The purpose for establishing the Frontier Research Center for Advanced Material and Life Science is to develop the project creating the international collaborations research center as well as to accelerate the move of industry-academia collaborations by progressing the transdisciplinary research that was conducted in the former Frontier Research Center for Post-Genome Science and Technology. In particular, we reorganize a new organization by creating Academia-industry collaboration unit, Global collaboration unit, and Advanced facility collaboration unit. Academia-industry collaboration unit focus on a collaboration which related to life and material creation and medical and health care. Global collaboration unit implements a program “Global Station for Soft Matter (GI-CoRE) from 2016, and this program is the center to conduct international collaboration research. Advanced facility collaboration unit is intended to provide the shared equipment of Faculty of Advanced Life Science such as NMR, MS, and X rays, to accelerate practicability by animal experiments, and to work out the project for developing excellent human resources.

Soft Matter Open Unit, SMOU