Laboratory of Cellular Machinery Science

Research Theme
Cell biology
Research Keywords

Cell division, ploidy, cytoskeleton, motor protein, self organization, cancer, aging, liver disease, microscopic analysis, biochemistry, molecular biology, cell culture, mouse model, transcriptome, mathematical modeling, compound screen


Overview of Research and Education

Research Contents: Precisely controlled cell division is an essential process of heredity, development and homeostasis. However, it is not known how a cell equally distributes its contents, or generates force to divide itself. Using cutting-edge microscopes and cellular biological techniques, we are trying to elucidate structure and function of cellular machineries that govern elaborate regulation of cell division.

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〒001-0021 Frontier Research Center for Advanced Material and Life Science 5F, Kita 21 Nishi 11, Sapporo
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Representative Publications

Mafy, N., Matsuo, K., Hiruma, S., Uehara, R. *, and Tamaoki, N. *, Photoswitchable CENP-E Inhibitor Enabling the Dynamic Control of Chromosome Movement and Mitotic Progression, Journal of American Chemical Society. (2020) 142:1763-1767

Yaguchi, K.#, Yamamoto, T.#, Shimada, M.#, Sugimoto, R.#, Nakamura, K., Ayabe, T., and Uehara, R.*, Ploidy-dependent change in cyclin D2 expression and sensitization to cdk4/6 inhibition in human somatic haploid cells, Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications (2018)

Yaguchi, K., Yamamoto, T.#, Matsui, R.#, Tsukada, Y., Shibanuma, A., Kamimura, K., Koda, T., and Uehara, R.*, Uncoordinated centrosome cycle underlies the instability of non-diploid somatic cells in mammals, Journal of Cell Biology (2018) 217: 2463-2483

Hiruma, S., Kamasaki, T., Otomo, K., Nemoto, T., and Uehara, R.*, Dynamics and function of ERM proteins during cytokinesis in human cells, FEBS Letters 591: 3296-3309 (2017)

Ryota Uehara*, Tomoko Kamasaki, Shota Hiruma, Ina Poser, Kinya Yoda, Junichiro Yajima, Daniel Gerlich, Gohta Goshima, Augmin shapes the anaphase spindle for efficient cytokinetic furrow ingression and abscission, Molecular Biology of the Cell 27: 812-827 (2016)

(*corresponding author; #equally contributed)