History/ Visiting to Frontier-AMLS


2003 (H15) in March Construction (1st stage) of the Frontier-PST building started
  on July 9th Ceremony to celebrate the completion of the Frontier-PST building
2004 (H16) in February Construction for 2nd stage of the Frontier-PST building started
2006 (H18) on April 1st Inauguration of Frontier-PST
  on May 29th Symposium to commemorate the inauguration of Frontier-PST
2007 (H19) in May Construction of Shionogi Innovation Center building started
2008 (H20) on May 30th Opening ceremony of “Shionogi Innovation Center for Drug Discovery”
2011 (H23) in March 30th Construction of Platform for Research on Biofunctional Molecules
2016 (H28) on April 1st Reorganization of Frontier-PST
    Inauguration of Frontier Research Center for Advanced Material and Life Science