Laboratory of Pathology

Elucidation of human disorders using hydrogel and the medical application
Research Theme
Analysis of cellular responses to functional polymer gels and their medical application
Research Keywords

biomaterial, cancer stem cell, molecular targeted therapy, regenerative medicine, cartilage regeneration, neuroregeneration


Overview of Research and Education

Research Contents: Students acquire basic knowledge of basic medicine, clinical medicine, and regenarative medicine necessary for medical application of soft matter (synthetic polymer hydrogel). Particularly, by analysing cell phenomena and in vivo reactivity on soft matter that mimics in vivo environment, students deepen thier understanding of diseases in the fied of cancer treatment, artifical cartilage, and regenerative medicine. Ultimately, we aim to contribute to medical development toward an advanced precision medicine and aging society, by fusing medicine and soft matter. 

Laboratory of Pathology (pdf)



Department of Cancer Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, Hokkaido University,
N15 W7, Kita-ku, Sapporo, Japan
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Representative Publications

Suzuka J, Tsuda M, Wang L, Kohsaka S, Kishida K, Semba S, Sugino H, Aburatani S, Frauenlob M, Kurokawa T, Kojima S, Ueno T, Ohmiya Y, Mano H, Yasuda K, Gong JP, Tanaka S. Rapid reprogramming of tumour cells into cancer stem cells on double-network hydrogels. Nat Biomed Eng. 2021, in press.

Yachi K, Tsuda M, Kohsaka S, Wang L, Oda Y, Tanikawa S, Ohba Y, Tanaka S. miR-23a promotes invasion of glioblastoma via HOXD10-regulated glial-mesenchymal transition. Signal Transduct Target Ther. 3: 33, 2018.

Fujioka Y, Tsuda M, Nanbo A, Hattori T, Sasaki J, Sasaki T, Miyazaki T, Ohba Y. A Ca(2+)-dependent signaling circuit regulates influenza A virus internalization and infection. Nat Commun, 4, 2763, 2013

Watanabe T, Tsuda M, Makino Y, Konstantinou T, Nishihara H, Majima T, Minami A, Feller SM, Tanaka S. Crk adaptor protein induced-phosphorylation of Gab1 on tyrosine 307 via Src is important for organization of focal adhesions and enhanced cell migration. Cell Res, 19, 638-650, 2009

Tsuda M, Davis IJ, Argani P, Shukla N, McGill GG, Nagai M, Saito T, Laé M, Fisher DE, Ladanyi M. TFE3 fusions activate MET signaling by transcriptional up-regulation, defining another class of tumors as candidates for therapeutic MET inhibition. Cancer Res, 67, 919-929, 2007

Ye YN, Frauenlob M, Wang L, Tsuda M, Sun TL, Cui K, Takahashi R, Zhang HJ, Nakajima T, Nonoyama T, Kurokawa T, Tanaka S, Gong JP. Tough and self-recoverable thin hydrogel membranes for biological applications. Adv Funct Mater, 28, 1801489, 2018