KOMATSU YasuoVisiting Professor

Laboratory of Biomolecular Adaptation Science
Research Theme
Development of functional oligonucleotides
Research Keywords

nucleic acids, RNA, DNA, nucleic acids chemistry, oligonucleotide therapeutics, genetic analysis

Overview of Research

The chemical synthesis of DNA or RNA is the key technology for genetic analyses or oligonucleotide therapeutics. I am now developing new types of modifications of nucleic acids to advance the accuracy of genetic analyses or to create novel therapeutic agents.


  • School of Science:
  • Graduate School of Life Science:
    Division of Life Science, Transdisciplinary Life Science Course, Biomolecular Adaptation Science (Inter-field Cooperation with AIST)

Representative Publications

Okumura, S.; Hirano, Y.; Komatsu, Y. Stable Duplex-Linked Antisense Targeting MiR-148a Inhibits Breast Cancer Cell Proliferation. Sci. Rep. 11, 11467 (2021).

Okumura, S; Hirano, Y; Komatsu, Y. Inhibition of breast cancer cell proliferation with anti-microRNA oligonucleotides flanked by interstrand cross-linked duplexes. Nucleosides Nucleotides Nucleic Acids, 1-11 (2019).

Nakamura, A; Wang, D; Komatsu, Y. Molecular mechanism of substrate recognition and specificity of tRNA(His) guanylyltransferase during nucleotide addition in the 3′-5′ direction. RNA, 24, 1583-1593 (2018).

Hirano, Y; Kojima, N; Komatsu, Y. Synthesis and Application of Interstrand Cross-Linked Duplexes by Covalently Linking a Pair of Abasic Sites. CURR. PROTOC. NUCLEIC ACID CHEM. 75, e63, (2018)

Mie, Y., Hirano, Y., Kowata, K., Nakamura, A., Yasunaga, M., Nakajima, Y. and Komatsu, Y. Function Control of Anti-microRNA Oligonucleotides Using Interstrand Cross-Linked Duplexes. Mol. Ther.Nucleic Acids, 10, 64-74 (2018).

Hirano, Y., Ikegami, M., Kowata, K., and Komatsu, Y. Bienzyme reactions on cross-linked DNA scaffolds for electrochemical analysis. Bioelectrochemistry., 113, 15-19 (2017).


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  • National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Hokkaido