YAMAZAKI TomohikoVisiting Associate Professor

Laboratory of Frontier Biomaterials Science
Research Theme
Bio-nanomolecules for Diagnostic and Therapy Applications
Research Keywords

Protein, Peptide, Oligodeoxynucleotide, Artificial recognition element, Toll like receptor, Adjuvant, G-quadruplex, Hemozoin

Overview of Research

We are developing novel bio-nanomolecules such as oligonucleotide-, peptide-, and protein-based materials, with knowledge gained from the life sciences. We seek to utilize the novel bio-nanomolecules to diagnostic and therapy of cancer, infection and immunological disease.

Toll-like receptor 9 (TLR9) is one of innate immunity receptors recognizing single-stranded DNA derived from viruses and microorganisms, and hemozoin which is malaria-derived heme crystals. The ligands of TLR9 act as a molecule that immuno-activator or suppressor. We elucidated the interaction between TLR 9 and the natural ligand molecule, then developed novel ligand with superior function to natural ligand molecules.


  • School of Science:
  • Graduate School of Life Science:
    Division of Life Science, Transdisciplinary Life Science Course, Frontier Biomaterials Science (Inter-field Cooperation with NIMS)


In our research, integration of scientific knowledge and technique of various fields, such as molecular biology, cell biology, protein engineering, protein function analysis, and also a biomaterial, is indispensable. We offer a supportive environment for promoting your research. Anyone who is interested in our project, please contact us.

Representative Publications

N.B.T. Le, A.T.T. Tu, D. Zhao, C. Yoshikawa, K. Kawakami, Y. Kaizuka, T. Yamazaki* Influence of the Charge Ratio of Guanine-Quadruplex Structure-Based CpG Oligodeoxynucleotides and Cationic DOTAP Liposomes on Cytokine Induction Profiles. Biomolecules, 13, 1639 (2023).

R.A. Fenati, Z. Chen, Y. Yamagishi, K. Tsukakoshi, K. Ikebukuor, A. Manian, S.P. Russo, T. Yamazaki*, A.V. Ellis* Enhancement of DNAzymatic activity using iterative in silico maturation. J Mater Chem B, 10, 8960-8969 (2022).

A.T.T. Tu, K. Hoshi, Y. Ma, T. Oyama, S. Suzuki, K. Tsukakoshi, K. Nagasawa, K. Ikebukuro, T. Yamazaki* Effects of G-Quadruplex Ligands on the Topology, Stability, and Immunostimulatory Properties of G-Quadruplex-Based CpG Oligodeoxynucleotides. ACS Chem Biol, 17, 1703-1713 (2022).

A.T.T. Tu, K. Hoshi, M. Shobo, T. Yamazaki* G-quadruplex-based CpG oligodeoxynucleotide/DOTAP complex strongly stimulates immunity in CpG motif-specific and loop-length-dependent manners. Nanomedicine, 40, 102508 (2022).

D. Zhao, A.T.T. Tu, M. Shobo, N.B.T. Le, C. Yoshikawa, K. Sugai, Y. Hakamata, T. Yamazaki* Non-Modified CpG Oligodeoxynucleotide Forming Guanine-Quadruplex Structure Complexes with ε-Poly-L-Lysine Induce Antibody Production as Vaccine Adjuvants. Biomolecules, 12, 1868 (2022)

F.A. Safitri, A.T.T. Tu, K. Hoshi, M. Shobo, D. Zhao, A.B. Witarto, S.H. Sumarsono, E.A. Giri-Rachman, K. Tsukakoshi, K. Ikebukuro, T. Yamazaki*, Enhancement of the Immunostimulatory Effect of Phosphodiester CpG Oligodeoxynucleotides by an Antiparallel Guanine-Quadruplex Structural Scaffold. Biomolecules, 11, 1617 (2021)


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