Laboratory of Structural & Biological Chemistry

Multimodal approaches for structural biology combined with biophysical & chemical methods for biomolecular studies
Research Theme
Multimodal structural biological elucidation regarding proteins and nucleic acid / Structural and functional study on signal transduction pathway related to viral infection and cancer / Structural biology for enzyme chemistry / Method developments for protein crystallography
Research Keywords

Protein, nucleic acid, enzyme, signal transduction, infection regulation, disease related factor, X-ray/neutron structural biology, cryo-EM, NMR, quantum biology, protein crystallography, computer science, protein science, biophysics


Overview of Research and Education

To decipher essence of biological phenomenon, we use multimodal structural methods including X-ray/neutron crystallography, cryo-EM, and NMR. Our targets are signal transduction pathways related to viral infection, cancer, and immunology. We are also interested in enzyme chemistry for natural product biosynthesis and RNA modification. We are required to study the basic knowledge of structural biology weekly such as Fourier-transform to apply for each project. The interests toward kinetics, thermodynamic analysis, and organic chemistry are also desired. To develop new methods for neutron crystallography is additionally underway.

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5-307, North 10 West 8, Kita-ku, Sapporo

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Representative Publications

The measles virus V protein binding site to STAT2 overlaps that of IRF9, Yuma Nagano, Aoi Sugiyama, Madoka Kimoto, Takuya Wakahara, Yasuyo Noguchi, Xinxin Jiang, Shinya Saijo, Nobutaka Shimizu, Nana Yabuno, Min Yao, Paul Gooley, Gregory Moseley, Takashi Tadokoro, Katsumi Maenaka, Toyoyuki Ose, Virol. 94, e01169-20 (2020)

Structural comparison of the C-terminal domain of functionally divergent lyssavirus P proteins, Aoi Sugiyama, Tomo Nomai, Xinxin Jiang, Miku Minami, Min Yao, Katsumi Maenaka, Naoto Ito, Paul R Gooley, Gregory W Moseley, Toyoyuki Ose, Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun., 529 507 – 512 (2020)

Structural Elucidation of Viral Antagonism of Innate Immunity at the STAT1 Interface, Hossain MA, Larrous F, Rawlinson SM, Zhan J, Sethi A, Ibrahim Y, Aloi M, Lieu KG, Mok YF, Griffin MDW, Ito N, Ose T, Bourhy H, Moseley GW, Gooley PR., Cell Rep. 29, 1934-1945(2019)

Structure of MHC class I-like MILL2 reveals heparan-sulfate binding and interdomain flexibility, Mizuho Kajikawa, Toyoyuki Ose, Yuko Fukunaga, Yuki Okabe, Naoki Matsumoto, Kento Yonezawa, Nobutaka Shimizu, Simon Kollnberger, Masanori Kasahara & Katsumi Maenaka, Nature Commun. 9 4330 (2018)

Solution structure of an avirulence protein, AVR-Pia, from Magnaporthe oryzae, Toyoyuki Ose, Azusa Oikawa, Yukiko Nakamura, Katsumi Maenaka, Yuya Higuchi, Yuki Satoh, Shiho Fujiwara, Makoto Demura, Teruo Sone and Masakatsu Kamiya, Biomol. NMR 63, 229-35 (2015)