Developing new ambitions and creating a new Multidisciplinary Bioscience

In spring 2010, the Faculty of Advanced Life Science has started the second generation by the restructure of the organization and expansion of the missions. Life Sciences is a major scientific research field that includes a large number of areas ranging from the basic to applied sciences and has been rapidly developed in the 21st century. It has been rapidly developed in the 21st century, based on the basic sciences in various fields where excellent research results have been accumulated in. However, it is still on a stage of development. The research has been ongoing with each character of basic sciences composing the life sciences. We believe that to crave out the new future developments is required to construct an original basic science of life science, named as a multidisciplinary bioscience. Specialists from associated fields such as biology, physics, chemistry, medicine and pharmacy have united and been working on the research and educations at this faculty.

We focus on basic research which is valuable to be passed on to the next generation. We intend to rear a firm foundation that enables to extend in any fields of the life sciences. We are also entrusted with large national research projects, and have the Frontier Research Center for Advanced Material and Life Science as a leader promote project-based developmental research for social benefits. We promote not only national research projects, but also integrated research with private companies to accelerate applied research. These two projects will be cooperated and promoted each other, and promote bottom up research activities.


The university ministration is in transition since the national universities have been incorporated. As faculty members, it is important for researchers to be in charge of parts of the administrations of the university and projects. However, our job is to assist researchers and make their jobs more efficient while not getting exhausted. Therefore, they are able to save time for their primary role as researchers.


We are committed to foster young researchers of the next generation under the motto of “new research produced by those with a new ambition”. We intend to establish a foster system to cultivate and recruit post doctoral fellows and young researchers. At the same time, we provide a career path program such as cultivation and education for students, especially these in doctoral programs of graduate school of life science which liaises with us, to be leaders in various fields in the society. These projects are ready to be operated under the cooperation with Hokkaido University governing structure called the Front Office for Human Resource Education and Development.


It is said that the 21st century is also an era of life. Regenerative medicine, drug discovery and functional food as applied research draw our attention because of being familiar topics. Here, we always keep the question of “what is the life?” in the mind, and develop a new multidisciplinary bioscience and technology innovation for SDGs. We would like to raise young human resources who are highly motivated.


Our new advanced life science moves toward the future success.