The Graduate School of Life Science at Hokkaido University has formally established the Division of Soft Matter in April 2018. This division is a development stemming from the university’s Global Station for Soft Matter (GSS-GI-CoRE), which was established in April 2016 to further the development of soft matter.

The study of soft matter, an up-and-coming interdisciplinary field, refers to study of soft substances such as polymers, gels, and biological materials that can be used for a wide range of applications, from the creation of artificial tissues to tough rubbers for industry. Soft matter has already revolutionized industries, for example through the creation of liquid crystals used in LCDs, and Hokkaido University will act as a leading institution in the education and research of the field.

Master’s and PhD students of the Division of Soft Matter will receive interdisciplinary training in physics, chemistry, biology and applied science. The division will be composed of five laboratories: Soft Matter Materials Science, Biomolecular Soft Matter, Soft Matter Biophysics, Soft Matter Medical Science, and Functional Soft Matter.

We are very excited to see the study of these materials being facilitated at the university, and look forward to research breakthroughs to come.

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