Laboratory of Advanced Chemical Biology

Research Theme
Rational drug discovery based on a theory of dynamic epitope and innovative glycotechnology platform
Research Keywords

Chemical biology, Medicinal chemistry, Glycomedicine, Automated glycosynthesis, Glycomics, Glycotyping, Glycobiology, Biomarker discovery, Dynamic epitope, Glycopeptide, Antibody drug, Glycoconjugates probe, Microarray, Mass Spectrometry


Overview of Research and Education

Research Contents: Toward personalized medicine, our goal is to establish a promising strategy for the rational drug discovery system from disease-relevant “dynamic epitopes” based on the specific posttranslational modification of the key glycoproteins. Our new glycotechnology platform, notably glycoblotting-based high throughput glycomics and microarray displaying robust synthetic glycopeptides library, allowed for the development of epitope-defined antibodies showing potent anti-cancer activities.
At the core of our focused library construction technology, we are continuing to innovate molecular-based life technology such as microarrays and absolute quantification technology of specific key structures in life.

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N21, W11, Kita-ku, Sapporo, Hokkdido
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Representative Publications

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