Division of Soft Matter

The Graduate School of Life Science at Hokkaido University has formally established the Division of Soft Matter in April 2018. This division is a development stemming from the university’s Global Station for Soft Matter (GSS-GI-CoRE), which was established in April 2016 to further the development of soft matter.

International Summer School 2022

International Summer School of Soft Matter, co-hosted by ESPCI (France), GI-CoRE (Hokkaido University, Japan), and CNRS (France), was successfully held at Cargese, France from July 11 to 22. Seventeen distinguished professors from France, Japan, USA, UK, and Greece delivered 37 lectures, and 76 graduate students and young researchers from 10 countries (France, Japan, USA, India, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Canada) participated the school.

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International Summer School 2022 in Cargese