Our goal is to nurture students who can conduct original research while comprehensively understanding various living phenomena from molecules to organism level, and have both deep knowledge and skills in the basic and applied research in life science.

MC-DC combined program to shorten course study

Division of Life Science (Transdisciplinary Life Science Course) and Division of Soft Matter, Graduate School of Life Science established “MC-DC combined program to shorten course study” (Hereinafter, shortened course) which shorten the period until taking Ph. D. degree. It aims to foster distinguished Ph. D. s in academia and industrial world as early as possible.

Those who applied for this course and passed the examination will be able to receive various support such as tuition support, research environment support, and career education support while they are enrolled in graduate school. Furthermore, in this course, if the course student can concentrate on research activities consistently from the master’s program to the doctoral program and achieve excellent research achievements, the period of study will be shorter than the standard (2 years for the master’s program, 3 years for the doctoral program). They can also get priority to participate in human resource development programs to improve the skills needed to play an active role in society.

When a course student completes MC by shortening and go on to DC in Transdisciplinary Life Science Course or Division of Soft Matter, he/she will receive the “Encouragement Award for Academic Acceleration.” Also, when a course student completes DC by shortening, they will receive the certificate.

IGP Program (English degree program)

Training Program for Global Leaders in Life Sciences (IGP) : Both Japanese and international students study under the same curriculum to become leaders with a global perspective. From enrollment to graduation, English is the main language used throughout the program. [ IGP website ]

Evaluation Criteria for Master’s Thesis and Doctoral Dissertation 

Evaluation Criteria for Master’s Thesis and Doctoral Dissertation 

Those who did a excellent presentation at the Master’s Thesis Examination of Transdisciplinary Life Science Course and Division of Soft Matter will be awarded excellent presentation awards.